Social mobilization is an active part of MRDO’s activities, as organization’s mission includes developing women and strengthening their empowerment as they become strong and are able to enjoy a better living standard. MRDO goes beyond mobilizing only females but also targets males because in backward service areas of MRDO’s strategy, they can develop and enjoy their lives as cultured societies by supplementing and complementing each other’s inherent and acquired potential. Rural setup is mostly dominated by males so Social mobilization becomes vital in order to lend space to women to integrate in mutually beneficial activities. Thus it is the true backbone for implementation of all programs under MRDO.

The simple rural women remain powerless and are confined to a performing role, which the patriarchal society has imposed on them and they have accepted it as a vagary of fate. They don’t own and control resources by themselves with very limited over their own lives. Their inherent potential is underestimated and underdeveloped. Keeping in view the above facts, MRDO mobilizes rural women for the formulation of women organizations in the rural areas.

Program Mission

To enhance the institutional capacity of women to implement, manage and organize their own development in an sustainable manner, using participatory approaches.

S.M. Program Objectives

  • To mobilize and spread awareness of rights in rural women.
  • To strengthen them for development on right track of life.
  • To encourage and develop communicating skills in women.
  • To empower them to share chores through assisting them economically, morally & ethically.
  • To advocate need for attaining social equilibrium through women participation.


The term motivation suggests that inner force to propel one to do work or perform duties to attain a predetermined goal. it is always a challenging task but Marvi’s team enthusiastically strives to make women strong and responsible persons of the vibrant rural society.

As a first step, Marvi’s mobilization rallying staff (MRS) arranges meetings with local communities including both men and women and makes them realize their individual and collective responsibility and importance in the society. They are motivated to improve their living standard and strive to attain their basic needs and demands. Our MRS also shares the Organization’s beneficial programs seeking their active participation and support. Once motivated, MRS follows up with counseling sessions to lend them a formal shape as a Marvi Group.

Group Formation

Next, Marvi’s staff organizes meetings with the fully motivated groups for separating them into formal and informal groups of Marvi’s own Development organization. According to Marvi’s well-tested formula, they should be 20 or above in numbers to be able to efficiently undertake assigned tasks. MRDO stresses that they are inconsequent individually but a major force collectively. In these meetings, MRDO’s staff shares all policies of the Organization and identifies, reshapes and selects leadership material from among them. It assigns designations such as president, vice president, treasurer etc according to their capacity and interest for betterment of both the CBO and MRDO.

MRDO then shares and trains these well structured bodies on different ways and techniques for increasing the group members and making them active and zealous team players for their own mutual benefit and that of society.