Management in perspective of planning, organizing, leading and controlling is a basic prop for uplifting and achieving challenging goals. For this purpose, MRDO arranges various trainings for its staff as well as for Community Boards to improve their skills. It promotes organizational interest among manpower human beneficiaries. All trainings are imparted sector wise and needs of workforce or CBOs.

These capacity building trainings focus on leadership, social organization, financial management, project proposal development, theatre, training, and health, handicrafts, detergent, and vim squashes. These are given sector wise and needs of the workforce or CBOs. Intensification of organization is based on its capability to put together various aspects of rural expansion in the form of capacity building package. They may include integrated external or internal expertise for providing such services of, uplifting.


  • Enhance Organizations and Communities HR capabilities.
  • Growth of logical instrumentalism to COs & personnel.
  • Facilitate & make-aware rural women in the process of development.
  • To make-aware & get implementation of technologies for building competencies & satisfying stakeholders.
  • To provide updated PESTEL framework’s knowledge to workforce.

Staff Training

MRDO strongly believes in a trained, motivated staff. For this, it arranges different trainings for its own staff. This effort ensures best possible performance for achieving project objectives and a well-rounded capacity-building program is vital for efficient delivery of projects.

Community trainings

MRDO always seeks cutting edge modes and techniques for Marvi’s members and staff in order to develop capacity to reach clearly identified targeted goals.

As a continuing exercise, MRDO staff closely monitors during field visits to ascertain areas where CBOs need training including economic betterment skills as embroidery and basket weaving. MRDO arranges such identified programs as those skills can be further honed, and produce sold at better prices. The returns can be maximized if women have communication and negotiation skills and easy access to market to do away with middlemen or philanthropic intermediaries. Even in villages, CBOs members enthusiastically gather and motivate women to participate in collective activities.

MRDO sets a right direction while imparting required training to CBO office-bearers to manage, organize and keep record of related finances including revolving fund, monitoring of development activities and reporting in local language as absolutely necessary for women CBO members.