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Sughra Solangi

Chief Executive Officer

Sughra Solangi is the founder and Chief Executive of Marvi Rural Development Organization (MRDO). She is an exceptional example of what an oppressed woman can achieve through sheer determination and strength. Relying solely on rural village women themselves, Sughra Solangi works within their traditional village societies to build acceptance for a greater role for women to create a chain reaction which leads to access to education, social services, and greater self-determination for themselves and their daughters.Born out of a culture of poverty and repression, Sughra has come to believe that until physical development (e.g. roads, electricity, water supply, and schools) is accompanied by an attitudinal change, the quality of life for women will remain unchanged. In rural Pakistan, women are unable to derive any benefit from most developments in their communities because of customs that discriminate against them. Sughra has turned her energies towards bringing attitudinal change in rural villages. She is enabling young girls to go to school and become educated and empowered by addressing the economic barriers faced most strakly by their mothers to their education.