Partnership for Development

Project Title: Benazir Housing Cell-BHC
Funding Agency: Government of Sindh
Project Period: 1st April, 2014 to 31st December, 2016
Project Area: District Larkana


Construction of 370 Low Cost Housing Units at District Larkana under the Benazir Housing Cell-BHC Project is a countless initiative in collaboration with Govt. of Sindh.Under this Project Marvi Rural Development Organization will construct 370 370 Low Cost Housing Units at District Larkana as per approved design, training of Masons, Quality Control of the Construction material, management record keeping/ supervision over Government grant to the beneficiary families and other services as per RFP.


The overall objective of the proposed project is provide the comprehensive accommodation facilities with skill development opportunities to the deprived people of district Larkana by constructing and providing low cost houses to selected beneficiaries with the consultation of elected representatives of targeted district.’

Specific Objective

1. Initiating and finalize consultation dialogue with respected elected representatives of district Larkana
2. Selecting of 370 vulnerable beneficiaries for constructing of low cost housing units on their plots with the consent of respected elected representatives of district Larkana
3. Construct of 370 low cost housing units in district Larkana Sindh within 6 months
4. Initiating of Social Mobilization process within the targeted UCs of district Larkana
5. Capacity building of 200 local people as Masson and labor
6. 5760 skilled and un-skilled 23040 days employments generation